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Portable Power Chargers & Connectors


Buy accessories for your PP1000 / 1700 / 1700RC / 1800RC (Rapid Charge) Pack

Select from:

    • 5 Amp Rapid Charger unit – designed for the 1700RC and new 1800RC model
    • 24V Connector Lead – Connect two 1700RC / 1800RC packs to enable 24V jump start capability.
    • 12 Volt to 12 Volt Connector Lead. Used for: Charging the Pack when on the road. For storing memory codes etc when vehicle battery is disconnected.
    • 2 Amp Charger for PP1000/1700 (Snap-on Compatible)

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5 Amp Rapid Charge (1700RC/1800RC Packs ONLY), 24v Connector Lead, 12v to 12v Charger, 2 Amp Charger ( PP1000/1700) Old Snap-on Pack Compatible

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