Choke Pegs


Laser Engraved Choke Pegs

Available in  over 20 Different designs individually for £2.99 or as a pack of 5 (Chosen at random) for £9.99

  • If you have to ask you won’t get it
  • + 5 BHP
  • No its not just a peg
  • Auto Choke
  • Its a Mini thing
  • Go Faster Peg
  • Cruise Control
  • Cold Weather Anti Kangarooing Device
  • Extra Poke Peg
  • Flux Capacitor
  • Stage 1 Tune
  • No Choke No Poke
  • Flat Out With The Choke Out
  • Please Start!
  • Manual Lambda Sensor
  • Manual Oxygen Sensor
  • Start Ya Bastard
  • Remove When Hot
  • #OhSoRetro
  • Hang on Lads
  • Pegging is fun

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If you have to ask, Free remap, +5 BHP, No its not just a peg, Auto Choke, Its a Mini Thing, Go Faster Peg, Cruise Control, Cold Weather, Extra Poke Peg, Flux Capacitor, Stage 1 Tune, No Choke No Poke, Flat Out, Please Start, Lambda Sensor, Oxygen Sensor, Start Ya Bastard, Remove When Hot, #OhSoRetro, Hang on Lads, Pegging is Fun, 5 Mixed Pegs

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